WATCH: Referee breaks down in tears after fans aim insulting chants at him

The chants were clearly worse than "the referee needs glasses"

The Tunisian league was the setting for a rather unusual scene recently, as chants from a group of fans aimed at the referee went a little too far. 

The match between Avenir Sportif de la Marsa and the home side Club Athletique Bizertin saw the crowd decide that they were not happy with the referee's performance, and started chanting some unpleasant things at him.

It seems that the songs they were singing were directed at his mother, and referee Yassin Hroh broke down in tears as a result. 

The game took a brief pause as the Bizertin players attempted to comfort him, but the fans seemed happy to keep singing in the meantime.

Bizertin eventually won the match, which took place on Christmas Eve, by a 1-0 scoreline.