WATCH: "Rest up Nate, the King is coming" - UFC release spine-tingling promo for McGregor v Diaz

There are just three short weeks before the two meet in the octagon again

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Picture by: Eric Jamison / AP/Press Association Images

The UFC have released their latest promo for the upcoming bout between Nate Diaz and Conor McGregor, and it will certainly get the blood pumping for MMA fans.

With the drama that has taken place since their last meeting, from McGregor's "retirement" to UFC 200, it is worth noting that this fight is now just a few short weeks away on August 20th.

In this latest extended preview, UFC commentator Joe Rogan dissects the first fight and what the changes have been for both fighters in the intervening period.

"There are very few fighters that are wild enough to say I don't care who I fight," says Rogan. "Someone falls out, give me whoever's available, give me whoever will take it, and to be able to do that in the main event of a huge MMA card like Conor McGregor did, it takes a very daring and crazy individual, and that's what Conor McGregor is. He's a legit bona fide wild man. Against Diaz, that did not pay off."

McGregor also outlines that he made some mistakes, but that he knows how he can adjust them: "I never engage in a feeling out process, I march my opponent down, I back him up against the fence and tee off on him [...] I hit him and I hurt him, and I hurt him very badly many times. 

"I was simply fatigued," adds McGregor. "My lactate was through the roof and I couldn't flush it out and I was drowning in there, so that was it."

Citing his experience in the UFC since the age of 21, Diaz highlighted how little notice he had last time out, but that he had to take the fight when the opportunity arose.

"You're not going to just come up unless you're going to make it happen," said Diaz. "Why would you take the fight if you didn't think you could beat the guy?"

Overall, the scene is set for a massive bout in three weeks' time as McGregor once again goes up against Diaz.