WATCH: Robbie Keane remains lethal with a ball from 12-yards (sort of)

Keane was taking part in a challenge with other MLS players for Sky Sports

Major League Soccer is becoming ever more popular on this side of the World due to the ever increasing numbers of former Premier League stars playing in the league. 

The 2016 MLS season begins on March 6th and all teams were involved in a media day earlier this week to promote the forthcoming season. Sky Sports sent their reporter Geoff Shreeves to speak to former Premier League stars Frank Lampard, Steven Gerrard, Clint Dempsey and Ireland captain Robbie Keane.

All the players plus Andrea Pirlo were set a challenge to knock a small box of a podium. Lampard, Gerrard and Pirlo were all able to hit the box in three attempts but Dempsey and Keane were unsuccessful. 

The Irish captain had the final laugh though as he was able to hit Shreeves in the back of the head at the first attempt. Who knew a moving target was easier to hit?