WATCH: Roy Keane weighs in with a hilarious explanation for the moth invasion at the Euro 2016 final

Ryan Giggs was the butt of the Cork man's joke

After Ireland's exit from the tournament, Roy Keane has been sidelining as a pundit for ITV during the closing stages of the European Championships. 

He's been joined by a number of other former players and a fellow Manchester United legend Ryan Giggs, all of whom were a bit baffled by the strange sight of a moth invasion at the Stade de France in Paris. 

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The shots that the cameras picked up showed the extent of the problem, but no one could really provide an explanation as to why there was such an infestation...except Roy Keane. 

He rather adeptly weighs in with his famous sense of humour, and skewers Ryan Giggs at the same time.