WATCH: Saturday Night Live's Conor McGregor spoof is tragically bad

The Irish UFC fighter was the target of a skit about athletes making poor financial decisions

BY Adrian Collins 16:20 Sunday 11 December 2016, 16:20 11 Dec 2016

Conor McGregor is one of the biggest names in world sport (no matter what Eamon Dunphy says) and there was further proof of that on Saturday night. 

For the first time, McGregor was targeted for a send up on the iconic Saturday Night Live show in a skit about athletes and their poor financial decisions.

McGregor's flare for fashion and fast cars give the impression that he lives a rather lavish lifestyle and may not be overly concerned with responsible investing, which was why he was ripe for roasting, alongside golfer John Daly and NFL star Rob Gronkowski.

Cast member Alex Moffat played McGregor in the skit, while Andy Moynihan played Daly, and WWE superstar John Cena pulled off a rather impressive impersonation of New England Patriots tight end Gronkowski. 

Sounding more like Chief O'Hara from the 1960s Batman tv show than the UFC lightweight champion however, the skit simply lapsed into the well-worn road of unfunny Irish tropes, including McGregor stating that he was in the IRA and him being called a leprechaun.

Not exactly the show's funiest or finest moment, but McGregor has yet to tweet that the show is "boring and unfunny," in the way President-elect Donald Trump did in the wake of their recent skits on him. 

They may have incurred his wrath again this week as they targeted his cabinet picks in another sketch, which featured Bryan Cranston reprising his role as Walter White of Breaking Bad.

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