WATCH: Serie A player celebrates his goal by grabbing a beer from the crowd

Massimo Maccarone gave his team the lead, and celebrated in festive style.

Massimo Maccarone of Empoli had a rather unique way of celebrating his goal against Bologna in Serie A on Saturday night. 

The Italian was thrilled to have given his team a 2-1 lead with a beautifully calm finish off a delicate lofted through ball, but clearly had been exerting himself very hard in the last few minutes. 

That left him with a thirst that only one thing could quench: the beer of someone in the crowd. 

Maccarone ran off to celebrate and headed over to the sidelines where there was a tall, forsty one waiting for him. 

Thankfully he didn't drink too much of it, as there were a few more goals in the game before it finished 3-2, with Empoli coming out in top.