WATCH: Steph Curry continues to make the improbable look effortless

The Golden State Warriors' star is expected to win his second MVP title in a row

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Picture by: Ben Margot / AP/Press Association Images

The weirdest thing about the Steph Curry shooting phenomenon is that it's very difficult to be surprised anymore by what he does.

No matter how good Curry becomes, people expect him to get better. Shock has been replaced by acceptance. The man is a genius.

On Wednesday night, Golden State Warriors moved to 57-6 for the season with a 115-94 win over Utah Jazz in Oakland to remain undefeated at home this season. Curry scored 12 points in the game despite spending over a quarter on the bench.

At the end of first half, despite an eight-point lead, Curry went for a three-quarter court buzzer-beater to extend the lead to 11. Of course, he scored with ease. Effortless.

The Warriors need 16 wins from their final 19 games to beat the Chicago Bulls' regular season record of 72-10. 13 of those games come at home, meaning the team should get very, very close to the historic record.