WATCH: Steph Curry narrowly avoids cursing on live TV in hilarious fashion

The Golden State Warriors player was doused in cold water live on air, but managed to narrowly avoid dropping an expletive

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Picture by: Alex Brandon / AP/Press Association Images

The Golden State Warriors continued their historic season on Monday night with a win over the Atlanta Hawks by a score of 102-92. 

After the win, which gave them a a 50-5 record (beating the record of the '95-96 Chicago Bulls through the first 55 games, and on course for the best regular season record ever) Curry's team-mates decided to celebrate by pouring cold water all over him. 

The point guard, who's known for his family-friendly demeanour, wasn't about to be caught swearing on air however, as he managed to control himself mid-phrase and call his colleagues "mother suckers". 

Via Bleacher Report