WATCH: Steph Curry wins a fan $5,000 after leaving team huddle

The Golden State Warriors star interfered in a on-court giveaway

BY Daniel Kelly 10:22 Sunday 26 February 2017, 10:22 26 Feb 2017

Picture by: Golden State Warriors/ Twitter

Despite being the star of the Golden State Warriors, Steph Curry is not even the highest-paid player on the team.

Such has been Curry's meteoric rise, he is paid $12.1million this season, which is a relatively paltry amount compared to teammate Kevin Durant ($26.5million) or even LeBron James ($30.9million).

Even with his multi-million dollar annual wage, Curry went out of his way to help a Warriors fan win $5,000 during Saturday night's game against Brooklyn Nets. 

In a timeout during the fourth quarter of the team's 112-95 win, Curry briefly left a team huddle to help the unnamed fan on court. Trying to roll balls into barrels to win a cash prize, the lady was unsuccessful in her attempts, but had one final ball, which was worth double the value. 

Curry ran out onto the middle of the court and caught the ball, before throwing it into the $2,500 barrel, earning the lady $5,000. In what looked like an unprecedented gesture, the team had to confirm the win, in an uncomfortable few moments.

Bay Area journalists confirmed afterwards that Curry had had the event organisers if he was allowed interfere with the competition.

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