WATCH: Swedish footballer clears out two players with committed sliding tackle in heated derby

The Stockholm derby provided a bit more entertainment than the monotonous affair between Liverpool and Manchester United

BY Adrian Collins 14:08 Tuesday 18 October 2016, 14:08 18 Oct 2016

Image: Fotbollskanalen/Facebook

If you spent your Monday watching Manchester United take on Liverpool in the most dour of games imaginable, then you missed one of the biggest fixtures in the Allsvenskan as Djurgårdens took on Hammarby. 

The two sides have a long rivalry, given that they're both based in Stockholm, and they also share the Tele2 Arena in the city. That type of closeness can breed contempt, but it also creates a brilliant atmosphere at games between the two sides. 

Everything that fans had hoped for in a game which was ludicrously dubbed 'Red Monday' in a marketing move that fell flat on its face was present in spades in Stockholm, as there were plenty of goals and some hard-hitting challenges.

Djurgårdens' Alexander Faltsetas certainly wasn't holding back on the night as he made sure his impact was felt with this powerful sliding tackle on two Hammarby players at once, cleaning out Romulo and captain Kennedy Bakircioglu with one fell swoop. 

However, despite that big hit that got the crowd going, the real object of football is scoring goals, and that's what Hammarby proved to be more adept at than their local rivals. They ran out 4-2 winners on the night, extending Djurgårdens' poor run in this fixture to 14 games without a win.

The game was marred towards the end for a period of around 30 minutes however, as, when Romulo slotted in the fourth, a number of masked fans came down from the crowd and clashed with police, throwing fireworks and flares on to the pitch.

Speaking to Aftonbladet after the game, former Manchester City and Juventus 'keeper, Andreas Isaksson (who now plays for Djurgårdens) said that the atmosphere and clashes were totally unnecessary and that "I would not dare take my children to a derby match" as a result. 

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