WATCH: TJ Dillashaw and Dominick Cruz continue to trade barbs after the fight

Cruz was none too pleased to hear some of the answers Dillashaw was giving at the post-fight press conference.

TJ Dillashaw, Dominick Cruz, UFC,

Image: Gregory Payan / AP/Press Association Images

In the lead up to the meeting at UFC Fight Night 81 in Boston between TJ Dillashaw and Dominick Cruz, there was a concerted effort from Cruz to steer clear of all the trash talking that has become de rigueur in the sport. 

The fight itself was a grueling one, as it went the distance and saw Cruz claim the title from Dillashaw on a split decision. 

Still smarting from that, obviously, Dillashaw had a little barb about Cruz's insistence on being a "role model" in advance of their meeting, and brought it up in the post-fight press conference, much to the chagrin of Cruz.

Cruz was asked a question moments later (around 29:28) about his plans after this and the animosity between the two, to which he replied "it's a fight, I'm sorry I didn't say kind things all the time [...] forgive me for my mean words". 

The animosity mentioned by the reporter who asked the question will presumably carry over into a rematch, which Dillashaw is angling for given that the result was so close.