WATCH: The best and worst of Euro 2016 songs

Spain, Wales and Ireland have all released official songs for the tournament

Euro 2016, Ireland, Spain, Sergio Ramos,

David Guetta. Picture by: Christophe Ena / AP/Press Association Images

With the start of the Euros on the horizon, teams from around the continent have been releasing their official songs for the tournament.

Although the Eurovision is over for another year, the battle on the pitch looks like it will be matched by a battle off it for the title of most catchy and/or cringeworthy song of the tournament.

Hosts France employed the celebrity power of super-mega-DJ David Guetta, along with pop star Zara Larsson to help get their official song up the charts.

Spain have released their song, featuring the vocal talents of Sergio Ramos and flamenco singer Niña Pastori. The lyrics, which mention a pride in being Spanish, aren't being sung too enthusiastically by Gerard Piqué in the very, very back corner of the lineup. 

Seo Linn were chosen to pen the official song for Ireland. The Irish Roar features the words of the late Bill O'Herlihy and commentary from iconic Irish games. The signature line from the song, "And now we're down the way down the Champs-Elysees. The Euros gonna hear the Irish Roar" is annoyingly catchy.

A less official effort has been launched by Dermot and Dave of Today FM has also appeared, which might well give it a run for its money. 

Given how long it's been since Wales last qualified for a major tournament, the Manic Street Preachers couldn't help but get caught up in the atmosphere and release their own cheesy hit.

France's official song is a cover of a the Kiss hit I Was Made for Loving You. The song received mixed reviews in the host nation due to it being sung in English.

Last, but the chant sung by Wigan Athletic fans about Will Grigg has turned into a trashy EuroPop song. There was simply no need to mess with the original. The Northern Ireland fans will hope to sing the song throughout the group stages.

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