WATCH: The dastardly dives and excessive exaggeration round-up

On this week's Team 33, simulation came up thanks to Mr Jamie Vardy

Rivaldo, Brazil, Turkey, 2002

Brazil's Rivaldo receives treatment at the corner flag after the ball was kicked in his

They came in all forms and in almost all cases are followed by fierce criticism from fans, pundits and opponents.

Diving, which is often portrayed as a habit imported in to the Premier League as it became more globalised - even if this is not strictly true - continues to garner headlines and this time it was down to Jamie Vardy.

In many observer's eyes, the Leicester striker was rightly shown a second yellow card Jonathan Moss for initiating contact with West Ham marker Angelo Ogbonna in a bid to win a penalty.

But it's far from the worst attempt at diving, simulation or feigning injury that football has ever seen given that the game has been blighted by a litany of more glaring examples.

Thus we remembered a few incidents - some of which are not dives in the strictest sense, but attempts at simulation or getting opponents punished by exaggeration.

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So, dive back into a comfortable space and check out some acts of diving, simulation and exaggeration:

Rivaldo's face was a bigger target than you'd think

The Brazil star is hit in the "face" in a match against Turkey at the 2002 World Cup.  

 Busquets' peekaboo

 The Barcelona midfielder got Thiago Motta sent off although Inter and Jose Mourinho ultimately had the last laugh.

 Jurgen Klinsmann

The Germany World Cup winner referenced his reputation for taking a dive in the English media with a celebration while playing for Tottenham. In the 1990 World Cup final, it wasn't so much the initial fall over the Argentina defender - as you could argue he needed to take evasive action - that caused consternation but the subsequent acrobatic barrel rolls.


The former Arsenal striker was castigated for this dive against Celtic in a Champions League qualifier.

 Steven Taylor takes one for the team

 The Newcastle defender took drastic action to try and stop the referee working out that he had blocked the ball with his hand.

 Simeone felt the force of Golden Balls

 Unless David Beckham had nine-inch nails on his heel, Diego Simeone should not have been felled by this flick.

 Bryan Carrasco "possesses" his marker

 If you can't get your opponent to hit you, then there's always a way to take matters into your own hands. Meet Bryan Carrasco of the Chile U20s against Ecuador.