WATCH: The spine-tingling video Iceland players watched before the England game

We are starting to get an understanding of why they were so motivated against England

The video that Iceland watched before the England game will have tears flowing from your eyes like the molten hot lava that spills from Eyjafjallajokull - the country's most famous volcano.

They have most certainly captured people's imagination at Euro 2016 and now face France in the quarter-finals in a David and Goliath-style battle on Sunday. They have already slain one Goliath, albeit the increasingly weak, immobile and slow one that is England, but still.

Put nothing beyond this group of players from the north as they ride on a wave of emotion into Sunday's clash with the hosts of the competition.

The video contains a cameo from William Defoe and the viral commentator who lost his mind when Iceland scored the winner against Austria to ensure their place in the kncokout stages of the competition.

If you weren't an Iceland fan, you will be after watching this.