WATCH: The video behind those famous pictures as Conor McGregor meets Cristiano Ronaldo

There's a bit of awkward chit-chat from the two scantily-clad men

Conor McGregor, Cristiano Ronaldo

Image: Youtube

It's not exactly McGregor Inc., but the UFC superstar is looking ahead to life after the fight game with the foundation of 'The Mac Life'.

The website has been set up to follow Conor McGregor and document his training and behind the scenes lifestyle, akin to that of Embedded series which the UFC run before their events.

Recently, McGregor was photographed on Instagram with footballing icon Cristiano Ronaldo and this latest video sees the pair meet for the first time. They share a bit of chit-chat about travel plans and sun tans.

It's as if they're just regular people, who knew?