WATCH: Thiago Alcantara inadvertently tries to pass to Santa Claus in a Bundesliga match

The Spanish midfielder had his blushes spared by a teammate

BY Daniel Kelly 13:54 Thursday 22 December 2016, 13:54 22 Dec 2016

It's been a memorable few months for players passing to phantom players running down the sidelines. 

Last month, Peterborough United midfielder Michael Bostwick famously passed the ball to a stadium steward who was wearing a similar coloured jacket to the Peterborough jerseys. On Wednesday night, Bayern Munich midfielder Thiago Alcantara joined the club by passing the ball to Santa Claus.

During the match with RB Leipzig, Alcantara passed the ball onto the left wing as an electronic advertising board showed Santa Claus sweeping up some snow.

Luckily for the Spanish international, the ball was kept in play by a teammate, as Alcantara was spared having egg (and maybe snow) on his face.

If the dealings of Bostwick and Alcantara shows anything, it's how good the peripheral vision of a central midfielder really is, no matter what level they play at.

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