WATCH: Tony Adams' bizarre drill demonstration

The Arsenal legend is the caretaker manager of Granada until the end of the season

WATCH: Tony Adams' bizarre drill demonstration

Image: Soccer AM Facebook page

Tony Adams is in the formative days of his new role as manager of Granada, and his training sessions are proving to be somewhat unique.

If this clip of the former Arsenal player demonstrating a drill is anything to go by, his players are in for a treat.

In what looks to be a drill that focuses on agility, Adams appears to be doing some form of interpretive dance that falls somewhere between the 'Funky Chicken' and the 'Macarena.' 

He then runs over and back a few times before finishing the routine by waving his arm in a manner not too dissimilar to what you see during a rendition of 'Go Grease Lightening.' 

Anyway, don't want to oversell it, judge for yourselves.

Adams' rather unorthodox training techniques follows on from his peculiar press conference following his appointment at Granada, in which he made a promise to 'kick some player's arse' in order to motivate them as they fight to avoid relegation from La Liga. 

The former Portsmouth boss was appointed at Granada earlier in the week, to follow the sacking of Lucas Alcaraz.

Adams also spent a short spell as manager of Wycombe, and held a coaching role at Dutch club, Feyenoord.