WATCH: UFC welterweight champion wants to fight Nick Diaz at UFC 202, the card headlined by his brother Nate

Tyron Woodley has only one opponent in mind for his first title defence

Tyron Woodley

Image: Youtube/Fox

Tyron Woodley dethroned Robbie Lawler last weekend to claim the UFC welterweight title in dramatic fashion at UFC 201.

The Missouri native produced the fastest finish in UFC welterweight title fight history and did what Carlos Condit and Rory MacDonald had failed to do.

The 34-year-old hasn't wasted any time in trying to line up his next opponent and insists he wants Nick Diaz's return fight at UFC 202.

He has opted not to choose Stephen Thompson as his desired opponent for a maiden title defence, despite the fact that 'Wonderboy' Thompson is the 170lbs number one contender and is on a seven fight win streak.

Thompson enquired about a fight with Woodley, to which he rather flatly denied.

 "This is what I think: You said you wanted to fight Robbie Lawler, and you’ll get an opportunity to fight Robbie Lawler," he said speaking on Fox. “Who I want to fight now is… I think Nick Diaz comes off suspension in two days, he’s a money fight.

"I’ve been in this game, I’m an OG, I’ve been here for a while, I want to make the big dough, so if he wants to fight [in] August, with his brother Nate Diaz, I think me and him can throw down at the event.

"I’m uninjured, August, I’m ready to go, [UFC] 202, let’s make the money. I think he deserves it, I think he’s put enough butts in the seats, he deserves to make that payday, so let’s go get it."

Should the fight go ahead it would see the two brothers on the same card - as Nate Diaz headlines against Conor McGregor in a rematch of UFC 196 - and Nick Diaz has since responded and says he is willing to fight, if the price is right.

"If they make me an offer I can't refuse," Diaz told TMZ. "But I doubt that's going to happen. I'm over here, look at me right now -- I don't need nothing. I don't owe nobody nothing. I don't owe anybody sh*t. I haven't been fanatical about fighting since I was 15 or 14, since I was eight years ago.

"Once I turned pro, I was like okay, this is not fun and games now. This is me. I'm going to come and I work on karma. I'm not going to go after somebody if I don't have a reason behind it, so as soon as there is some sort of a reason for me to do something that I need to do, then I'll do it. Nobody's done what I've done in this sh*t. It just hasn't happened yet.

"I want to fight the best guy. You know what, I always want to fight the best guy, but the thing is I'm on top. I'm the one on top. They're dropping my name. I don't need no fake-ass piece of plastic. F*ck that.

"I could fight and we could do a catchweight too. Everybody wants to do a fight with me, champions at 170, champions at 185. I said we can meet halfway. I don't owe nobody nothing. I'm a pay-per-view without a title. I don't need that fake-a** plastic to beat somebody."