WATCH: Video didn't kill the radio star but are smartphones about to radically change sport?

The subject came up on the Off The Ball Newsround

BY Raf Diallo 21:37 Tuesday 20 June 2017, 21:37 20 Jun 2017

Bubba WATSON (USA) during the Golf Schueco Match Play, Hubbelrath in Duesseldorf on July 30., 2011. Pressefoto Mika Golf Schueco Open am 30. Juli 2011 in Duesseldorf. Pressefoto Mika

For many sports watchers, it's becoming increasingly difficult to sit through an entire match or sports event without taking out your phone and opening up a Twitter or Facebook app.

It's changing the way we look at sport and in turn causing sports' stakeholders to scramble in terms of coming up with formats to suit the increasingly short attention spans of the modern viewer.

That subject came up on Off The Ball's Newsround as Joe and sportswriter Kieran Cunningham talked about the International Football Association Board's plans to look at the idea of having 30 minute halves in soccer - with the aid of a stopwatch - in order to alleviate the effects of time wasting and the ball going out of play...

And in terms of the number of people who can't stay away from their phone during the span of a match or sports events, well Twitter had an answer on our poll and it was far from a landslide for either side of the debate: 

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