WATCH: Vikings fans react to missed kick, capturing the infinite sadness of being a sports fan

Blair Walsh missed a late field goal that cost the Minnesota Vikings the game.

Blair Walsh, Vikings, kick,

IMage: Jim Mone / AP/Press Association Images

It was Wild Card night in the NFL on Sunday, and with precious seconds ticking away on the clock and a short field goal to come, the Minnesota Vikings thought that they were about to beat the Seattle Seahawks to progress in the playoffs. 

Given the Seahawks appeared in the Super Bowl last year, that would have been a big win for a franchise that looked in disarray at the start of the season, so fans were ready to start celebrating in style, once kicker Blair Walsh slotted the ball between the posts. A formality, really.

However, in a rare turn of events, given how good he'd been that day up to that point, Walsh missed the kick, to the dismay and surprise of Vikings fans around the world. 

Thanks to the magic of technology (smartphones, mainly) the reactions of many of those fans were caught on camera. Fair warning, there's plenty of NSFW language in these recordings.