WATCH: WIll Neymar's music career reach the highs of these classic footballers' tunes?

The Brazilian and Barcelona superstar announced his intention to drop a single on the world

BY Adrian Collins 18:39 Monday 12 September 2016, 18:39 12 Sep 2016

Picture by: Andre Penner / AP/Press Association Images

For most people, achieving the dream of becoming a professional footballer is enough to keep them satisfied, but for the very few who are multi-talented and can't be put into a pigeon hole like that, the international stardom that comes with being one of the best players in the world gives them a platform to launch a secondary career. 

While there are plenty of options, from punditry to product endorsement, some footballers opt to show their musical talents on the big stage, and drop a single or an album to show that they've got more to them than just kicking a ball around a pitch.

Neymar will join that select group later on this week after announcing that he would be unleashing his musical talents on the world in a tweet on Sunday. 

"On Wednesday I will launch my music career and my first single will be on my Facebook," said Neymar, in a post that rocked the musical intelligentsia and put record labels on alert...maybe.

While it might make some people roll their eyes and start with the "in my day..." shtick, it's worth pointing out that he's not the first player to do this, and probably won't be the last.

The legend that is Johnny Giles has been known to serenade fans and team-mates alike with his skills, and would surely be able to pull together an album with his versions of smooth Christmas Classics at some stage.

As recently as 1999, Andy Cole's 'Outstanding' was cruelly denied the number one spot on the charts by 67 other songs which had been released and were deemed to be better than this by the listening public. This dastardly snub sadly failed to fuel his desire to spit more hot rhymes in the booth.

Chris Waddle's 'Diamond Lights' is still a work that he's proud of to this day, as he admitted to Graham Hunter in a recent interview. A born entertainer, Waddle.

If it hadn't been for the whole "I would love it" incident, then this would be the most viewed Kevin Keegan-related content on YouTube. This would, and should, be a close second. 'Head over Heels in Love' wasn't his only musical effort either

Former Real Madrid player Royston Drenthe and former Liverpool player Ryan Babel both tried their hand at a career in rap, releasing singles and even freestlying on Dutch rap show 101 Barz

Neymar's compatriot Ronaldinho has also had a brief dalliance with the musical world, like this effort called 'Vamos Beber,' or 'Let's Drink.'

We can only hope that Neymar's effort is as glorious as John Barnes' rap in 'World in Motion,' but we won't hold our breath.


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