WATCH: WWE star nails the crossbar challenge at Ballyboden GAA

Irish star Bekcy Lynch took The Usos to Ballyboden to see the national sports up close and personal

Usos, Becky Lynch, Ballyboden

Image: Ballyboden/Twitter

Ahead of the WWE's big event in Dublin this week, Becky Lynch took a couple of her wrestling colleagues along to the to get a look at what the national sports looked like first hand. 

The Usos, a tag team from the famous organisation, went along to Ballyboden St. Enda's to get to grips with a sliotar and hurley, and it seems that at least one of them is a natural. 

Taking on the crossbar challenge, it was fresh air on the frist try for the Jey, but he quickly made things right by slotting the second swing straight onto the bar, with the satisfactory ping echoing around the field.

Switching codes, they also tried to learn a little bit about high-fielding, which proved to be more of a challenge.

Lynch also tweeted about how great it was to be home and showing a few of her fellow WWE stars around.