WATCH: Watford's Nathan Ake disappears down a hole after leaping over advertising hoardings

The Watford player took a spill after running out of space on the pitch

Nathan Ake, Watford, Chelsea,

Image: Mike Egerton / PA Archive/Press Association Images

Watford's Nathan Aké managed to avoid serious injury in his side's game against Bournemouth at Vicarage Road on Saturday. 

The Chelsea loanee was giving it everything to try and keep a ball in play, but just ran out of pitch as he couldn't get there on time, despite his best efforts. 

That wasn't the end of his troubles however, as after hurdling the advertising hoarding to avoid clattering into it, he took a substantial fall down several feet, as there was a large gap behind the barrier which he hadn't seen. 

Thankfully, he emerged unscathed from the incident.

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