What does Pep Guardiola need to do to push Manchester City to the next level?

John Giles shares his thoughts after City's scoreless draw against Real Madrid

Pep Guardiola said before his Champions League clash with Atletico Madrid that his time with Bayern Munich will be defined by his successes or failures in the Champions League.

Next year he makes the switch to the Premier League and will look to turn Manchester City into a dominant force of European football, somewhere Manuel Pelligrini's side have only made new ground by making the semi-final of the Champions League.

"I think Manchester City played well in the first half, but they faded away in the second half. Fernando and Fernandinho played very well in the middle of the park" said John Giles.

"But they're destructive players, they don't get on the ball in the middle of the park. They're not capable of doing that. Real Madrid had Luka Modric, City don't have a player like that.

"When you look at the midfield players that Guardiola has had, Xavi, [Andres] Iniesta terrific players. When he goes to Manchester City he's got David Silva who is very, very good but he plays mostly on the left wing rather than in the middle of the pitch.

"Players like that aren't easy to find, but he'll have to make changes there. I can't see him sticking with the two Brazilian lads... Silva does a certain amount for the side but I don't know if he's capable of controlling the pace of the game from that position."