What ever happened to black and white? The Premier League footballs will be the most colourful yet

Similiar footballs will be used in Serie A and La Liga

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Picture by: Nike

A football can become as iconic as the game or competition it was used in.

The Adidas Tango is widely regarded as one of the most iconic footballs and was used during various World Cups and European Championships in the 1970s and 1980s. It looks as though the age of black and white footballs is truely gone.

Nike have revealed the footballs that will be used in the Premier League, Serie A and La Liga in the coming season. To say they are different, is certainly an understatement.

Picture by: Nike

The Premier League will be graced with the Nike Ordem 4 will be be predominantly purple in colour. A purple football? It could be worse, and as be seen from the La Liga and Serie A footballs, which also use orange, pink and yellow.

According to Nike, the colours will "follow the design principle of 'Flow Motion', applying a luminance that ensures excellent visibility while the ball is in play." 

Bring back black and white footballs. It's the way it should be.