What made Wayne Gretzky become the original unanimous MVP?

The Edmonton Journal's Jim Matheson spoke top Off the Ball about the ice-hockey star

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Earlier this week, Steph Curry made history as the first unanimous MVP in NBA history.

The Golden State Warriors star won 131 votes out of 131 to retain the title he won last year. Curry followed in the path of New England Patriots' quarterback Tom Brady. In 2010, Brady received all 50 votes in the vote.

Despite Brady's and Curry's achievements, Wayne Gretzky made history by becoming the first unanimous winner in North American sports history. The Canadian ice-hockey legend won the award in 1982. It was his third of nine titles. A record that still remains today.

The Edmonton Journal's Jim Matheson joined Off the Ball on Thursday night to discuss the career of a player that simply became known as "The Great One".

In the 1981/82 season Gretzky scored 92 goals and 212 points. He was the first player to score over 80 goals in a season and also made history as the first player to break through the 200-point barrier for a season's work

"Was I surprised that he was the unanimous pick? I would have been more surprised if some dummy out there didn't give him a vote... I think that was as awesome a season as you possibly get", Matheson told Off the Ball.

Gretzky's son-in-law is golfer Dustin Johnson. Picture by: Eric Risberg / AP/Press Association Images

The Hall of Famer scored 378 goals in a season as a 10-year-old according to Matheson. Gretzky was primed for a historic career from early childhood, and he revitalised the game in a way Tiger Woods would do with golf.

"People wanted to come see him play, and if you wanted to buy a ticket to the Edmonton Oilers, at least you knew at the end of the evening that you were going to get your monies worth... You paid a fair buck to watch the Edmonton Oilers and Wayne Gretzky play but you knew you were going to be entertained at the end of the evening."

While Gretzky is best known for his time in Edmonton, he also played for the LA Kings and New York Rangers. "It was like selling the Mona Lisa, for the people of Edmonton. How can you do that?", Matheson recalled, when speaking about when Gretzky was traded to California. 

He remains the greatest player in the history of the game, having won four Stanley Cups and nine Hart Memorial Trophies for the league's MVP.

Steph Curry still has a long way to go if he wants to become basketball's "Great One".