''What we're hearing from Maria Sharapova is absolute bulls**t'' - Paul Kimmage

The five-time grand slam winner admitted to failing a doping test yesterday

''What we're hearing from Maria Sharapova is absolute bulls**t'' - Paul Kimmage

Dominic Lipinski / PA Wire/Press Association Images

In light of Tennis star Maria Sharapova admitting to failing a doping test this year, Sports journalist Paul Kimmage has said that ''what she is saying is absolute b***s**t.''

Sharapova has admitted to taking meldonium for the last 10 years, which has been on the WADA list of banned substances since the beginning of this year. She said she took the drug under a different name on medical advice for health reasons and insists that she was legally taking it for most of that duration.

Thus far, some 55 athletes have been discovered to be using meldonium this year. 

Kimmage, who worked closely on the exposure of doping cyclist Lance Armstrong, has said that athletes across all sports are looking to the 'grey area' for substances that have yet to be banned. And speaking to Off The Ball's Joe Molloy, Kimmage said the focus on doping which exists in cycling, is started to creep up on tennis.


''These tennis players have been living in a bubble and have been immune from the pearls of doping for so long and now it's starting to catch up on them. Their bubble has burst.''

''What we're hearing from her is absolute bullshit and what Serena Williams has said in Maria's defence is protecting the sport, and by extension, protecting herself. To think that anyone would question sweet Maria, is absolutely laughable.''

Kimmage added that athletes who dope, are 'always a step ahead' of the testers and said that it is up to WADA to decide how close they want to get to exposing those who take prohibited substances.

''Sport is a really precious thing and if we want a clean sport, everyone has to make a sacrifice for that. They (athletes) have to stop protesting about testers arriving at their door at 7am in the morning.''