Which motions passed and which didn't at the GAA Annual Congress?

There were a number of motions before the Congress in Carlow across Friday and Saturday

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Image: ©INPHO/Ryan Byrne

The Mount Wolseley Hotel in Co. Carlow was the location for the GAA Annual Congress on Friday and Saturday as a total of 65 motions were brought forward for deliberation. 

While that is a huge number to get through, there were a few standout motions which were passed by the necessary two-thirds majority, or defeated, across the two days. 

Motion 2

The controversial proposition of an All-Ireland 'B' Football Championship was withdrawn due to lack of support, while motions 56 and 57, which were similar, were defeated. 

Motion 4

This motion proposed the change of the age limits in inter-county minor football and hurling from U18 to U17 from January 1st, 2018 onwards. 

It also proposed that, at club level, minor players would be aged between 14 and 18 years of age, but it will remain U18s. 

As with many of the motions, it was a narrow victory for the motion as it passed with 68.2% of the vote.

Motion 5

Similarly, this was also a motion based around age changes, but in this case the U21 grade at inter-county football level will be replaced with an U20 grade. Eligible players will be aged between 18 and 20, but there would be no change to the U21 grade for hurling, or at club level in either code.

Image: ©INPHO/Ryan Byrne

Motion 7

There will be no change to the dates of the All-Ireland finals in either code as this motion, aimed at easing fixture congestion, was narrowly defeated despite getting 60.8% of the vote.

Motion 41

Despite not being given much of a chance, this motion introducing the 'mark' to Gaelic football passed the two-thirds majority mark. 

The rule change will allow a player to call a mark if they claim an aerial ball cleanly from a kick out, at which point they can choose to play on or decide to take a free-kick. 

The reaction to this one has been mixed, but it will be up to the central council, who will meet after the Congress, to decide when it will take effect. 

Motion 43

This motion proposed that all inter-county Championship games should be available on free-to-air television. That would have seen commercial broadcasters, such as Sky who currently have a deal to show some Championship games, unable to bid for the broadcasting rights to the GAA.

There were passionate speeches on this particular motion, and it was easily defeated getting just 15.3% of the vote.