Who are the Irish Rugby Sevens?

The sport is on the rise across the globe

BY Joseph Conroy 14:00 Thursday 17 May 2018, 14:00 17 May 2018

OTB AM's been chatting to Irish internationals Harry McNulty and Mark Roche as they hope to secure a place on the World Rugby Sevens Series.

"You definitely need Sevens in every rugby country, because it's so important," Mark told Off The Ball.

Harry, who was in the Munster Academy, highlighted the benefits that Sevens can offer players in the 15-man game:

"You can just get more opportunities here, you've got seven guys on a pitch at a time. There's half the amount of people, there's more space. Say if you've been struggling in the 15s game, you're not getting the ball enough, you're not getting those breaks you think you should be getting.

"You come down, you play a bit of Sevens, you get that confidence back, you make a few breaks, you score a few tries. You get your one-on-one tackling down to a tee because every tackle is a one-on-one tackle. If you miss it the team's probably going to score a try."

He also noted that he can't see a return to traditional rugby in his immediate future, as he thinks his skills are better suited to Sevens.

Ireland travel to Moscow for the opening round of the Rugby Europe Sevens Grand Prix Series this weekend - with the overall goal of securing a spot on the main roster next season.

Those matches can be live-streamed on RugbyEurope.tv.

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