Who cares about results, Derby have the best half-time show in England

What's that? It's just a giant fish eating a goalkeeping coach

BY Jason Brennan 16:35 Sunday 25 September 2016, 16:35 25 Sep 2016

Results aren't going the right way for Nigel Pearson's Derby County, but at least they're keeping the fans entertained with their half-time shows.

Pearson has yet to record a win in his six games at the helm of Derby County, with the club just one from nine since the beginning of the season, but the main thing is they can still have a laugh.

Well, the neutrals can anyway, because County's half-time show this week was as laughable as...well, the team's performances. 

They've decided against cheerleaders or letting local kids have a kick-about, and instead went for a giant fish in a basketball outfit eating a goalkeeping coach whole. We're not doing it justice so just look for yourself.

The mascot hails from America and goes by "Mackeral Jordan". Nope, we've no idea what we just witnessed either.

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