Who is the amateur who gets to pair up with the pros at Augusta?

Jeff Knox gets to live every golfer's dream

You have probably seen the Masters leaderboard and scrolled all the way down to see your fancied golfers at the very bottom. 

If that is the case, you would have seen Bubba Watson at the very end, teeing off at 2.50pm with no partner. The fact that everyone 10 shots or more off the leader is cut results in uneven numbers and the Augusta National chairman, as a rule, insists that a weekend competitor can not tee off on their own.

Jeff Knox is the beneficiary of such a rule.

Knox played with Rory McIlroy in 2014 and beat the Irish golfer by a stroke - even though Knox' score does not count - and the Hollywood native said at the time, "He's the best I've ever seen on Augusta's greens

"He knows every blade of grass. That's so key—more than anywhere else we play."

McIlroy even went so far as to ask Knox to play a round in an effort to pick his brain and gather information on the course that Knox knows so well.

To suggest Knox knows a thing or two about Augusta is an understatement as he holds the course record from the member tees, a 61 in 2003. He won the Georgia Mid-Am three times and has finished as the runner-up of the Georgia Amateur three times also.