Who's the most hated person on a 5-a-side football pitch?

The Five A Side Bible author Chris Bruce spoke to Team 33 about the small-sided game

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Screengrab from The 5-A-Side Bible

Thanks to the explosion in the number of astroturf pitches available and the fact that it is easier to pull together 10 of your mates and colleagues in comparison to 22, 5-a-side football is hugely popular.

But less popular are the kind of players you might come across where once straight-laced and sound buddies morph into less tolerable team-mates or opponents.

But what is the most hated type of player on a 5-a-side football field? 

Is it The Latecomer, who arrives when the match is already underway and sidles onto the pitch oblivious to the complaints about timekeeping? Or is it the The Net Dodger who steadfastly refuses to take his or her turn in goals?

Or could it be The Step-Over King, whose flashiness and penchant for Cruyff Turns and Rabonas prove ineffective and needless?

Some of these caricatures are among those featured in new book The Five A Side Bible by Chris Bruce of www.5-a-side-com which takes you into the fun world of the 5-a-side player.

One of the pages from the book which deals with walking 5-a-side stereotypes (The Five-A-Side Bible: Backpage Press)

Bruce joined us on this week's Team 33 to talk about the health benefits of playing 5-a-side as discovered by researchers, how it has its many pros in comparison to 11-a-side and some of the weird and wonderful stories from the pitch.

But he also told us what he regards as the worst type of 5-a-side players.

"One for me is The Latecomer, who just drives me nuts. You've organised 10 people to play the game and you're playing four against five because this 10th guy is nowhere to be seen. And then all of a sudden, they just rock up after half an hour, no excuses and just carry on playing the game as if nothing's happened. That one drives me round the bend," says Bruce.

"But I think universally, the one that's hated is probably the Angry Man, the guy who looks like he's coming down, taking all his frustrations out on the other nine people on the pitch and it's a bit unpleasant when that happens."

Angry Man, you have been warned! 

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