Why does Dublin get nearly half of all GAA development funding?

GAAconomics author Michael Moynihan talks to Off The Ball about that 47% figure

Dublin, O'Byrne Cup

Dublin team for O'Byrne Cup semi-final ©INPHO/Tommy Grealy

This week's launch of the GAA's annual accounts revealed that Dublin GAA effectively received 47% of development funding.

As Off The Ball's Colm Parkinson explained, as Michael Moynihan of the Examiner and author of GAAconomics: The Secret Life of Money in the GAA joined Off The Ball tonight to talk about the funding issue, Kildare and Meath per capita get 20% and 24% respectively of what Dublin gets.

"That's a shocking statistic," said Colm.

Looking at one aspect, Moynihan said "the obvious retort Dublin would have would be some counties are not making ends meet because they're not using their money wisely, they're paying outside managers which they're not supposed to be doing - they're breaking the rules of the GAA - so their retort would be 'why should we get less money to bail out those who are breaking the rules and/or inept in how they spend their money?'"