World Rugby prohibit use of head gear 'proven' to reduce dangerous effects of physical impact

World Rugby released a statement explaining their decision today

The piece of head gear which has been banned by World Rugby

Image: N-Pro website

World Rugby has banned the use of a head guard which has been described as 'scientifically proven to provide impact protection.' 

Contego Sports N-Pro, a company based in Galway, produced a piece of head gear which they claim can reduce the risk of head injuries. In a video on their website, the head equipment is described as 'the world's only head guard with medical device classification' that is 'scientifically proven to provide impact protection.'

World Rugby however, have released a statement, prohibiting the use of the head gear in the sport due to what they believe to be, an insufficient amount of testing in a playing environment.

"World Rugby has confirmed that the Contego Sports N-Pro head guard may not be used at any level of the game as the product has not yet been independently and rigorously trialled or tested in a competition environment. It does not currently comply with World Rugby Regulation 12 or Law 4."

"Given the potential advertised player welfare benefits of the product, World Rugby is examining the possibility of implementing a controlled trial to test the product’s safety and performance independently and robustly. It is intended that data from this trial will provide evidence to allow a responsible recommendation to be made on the product’s efficacy." 
"With player welfare at its heart, this is a standard process of due diligence and is implemented whenever a medical product featuring new technology has been developed. A successful outcome would result in the product being awarded the necessary ‘approved by World Rugby’ mark." 
"Throughout the product’s development, the manufacturer has been aware that until such a scientific approval process has been undertaken, World Rugby cannot permit the use of the N-Pro product in competition at any level."