'You can stick it up your arse,' Team Sky boss lays into Irish journalist

LISTEN: Barry Ryan's covered doping allegations against the team and seems to have upset Sir Dave Brailsford...

'You can stick it up your arse,' Team Sky boss lays into Irish journalist

Stefan Tabeling/DPA/PA Images

Irish cycling journalist Barry Ryan was ejected from a Team Sky media event during the Tour de France's second rest day by Sir Dave Brailsford.

The team's General Manager was angered by an article by Mr Ryan which dealt with his public comments regarding drug-probes related to the British team.

"You're not invited. We have invited the people we want to speak to. You've been writing shit about me," he told the reporter.

When he was challenged to specify why he had taken exception to the piece and whether he believed that it contained inaccuracies, he replied:

"I'm not getting into that. It was opinion, you write shit ... We make ourselves available, we answer all the questions and you write this shit."

Ryan commented that the only other team manager to expel media outlets from its events was Johan Bruyneel who was sporting director of US Postal during the Armstrong era.

"Are you accusing me of running a doping programme as well?" Brailsford responded.

"Well, UK Anti-Doping are investigating that," Ryan replied.

At this point, Brailsford said, "You can stick it up your arse," and walked away.

Speaking to Off The Ball, Mr Ryan said, "I couldn’t say I felt threatened - it was laughable."

He also discussed the evolution of Team Sky and the public's perception of the team.