'You would think that he would love to be reunited with Old Trafford'

European football journalist Julien Laurens believes that a return to Old Trafford could be a possibility for Ronaldo

'You would think that he would love to be reunited with Old Trafford'

Martin Rickett/PA Archive/PA Images

Cristiano Ronaldo could possibly make a return to Manchester United if he leaves Real Madrid, according to European football journalist Julien Laurens.

The Portuguese star is reportedly eager to leave the Spanish club due to his disappointment with how he was allegedly treated by Spainish authorities in relation to tax issues.

The rumours have led to speculation that Ronaldo could be making a return to his former club Manchester United, who are in the market for a forward after they released Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

European football journalist Julien Laurens thinks that a second coming for Ronaldo with the Premier League club is a strong possibility, given the level of success he enjoyed during his time there.

Speaking to BBC Radio 5 Live, he explained:

"He was an old dream for PSG for example to attract him and I think they have tried many times with Jorge Mendes, his agent, to try and bring him to Paris where the Portuguese community for example is huge and he would have been loved there. He would have been the King and everything.

"It didn't happen and it won't happen now. I think Manchester United maybe will probably be the place that Ronaldo likes the most, you would think that he would love to be reunited with Old Trafford, with the crowd there, and he had so many great years. 

"If something were to happen I think it would be to United more than anywhere else really."

Laurens also pointed out that Ronaldo's age would make it difficult for him to continue with the Champions League and La Liga champions. 

"Let's not forget he turned 32 in February," he added. "He had an incredible end to the season which was much better than the rest of the season and I think Zidane managed him very well in terms of fitness and getting him fit and ready for the key games which were towards the end of the season, both to win the Champions League and La Liga.

"But he's more on the way down than on the way up, obviously at that age although he could still do very well for anyone. 

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