"What sort of idiot is he?" - Barry McGuigan on being "baffled" by Scott Quigg's coach

Boxing legend chats to Off The Ball about Carl Frampton win and advises one judge to "go to Specsavers"

Barry McGuigan, Carl Frampton

Carl Frampton celebrates defeating Scott Quigg with Barry McGuigan©INPHO/Presseye/William Cherry

Barry McGuigan says the judge who went against Carl Frampton in his Super Bantamweight bout with Scott Quigg "needs to go to Specsavers" and said he was "baffled" by his opponent's coach.

Frampton beat Quigg to add the WBA belt to his IBF title as two of the other judges scored the fight in his favour.

But boxing legend McGuigan, who manages the Belfast fighter, was still disappointed with the third judge as he told Off The Ball tonight.

"The scoring was a joke. I cannot understand how the Sky guys could have had that fight as a draw. I think they are becoming a laughing stock when they come out with things like that. The judge, Levi Martinez, who gave the decision against him, he needs to go to Specsavers," he said.

McGuigan also said he was "baffled" by the fight tactics employed by Quigg's coach Joe Gallahger.

"I could not understand what Joe Gallagher was thinking. What sort of idiot is he? I mean, honestly, seriously. Come on! Anybody in their right mind that has an inkling about boxing would know he backed up, he was throwing no punches, Carl was coming forward, picking him off and then he was shocked to hear that Sky had him on the first six rounds, they had him 6-1 down. He couldn't believe that," said McGuigan, who also revealed that they pulled Frampton out of a press conference on the week of the fight to prevent people from seeing that he had suffered a cut under his eye from sparring.

"So we told everybody he had a sniffle and a cold," said McGuigan.