Brian O'Driscoll: Connacht rise a positive "wake-up call" for other Irish provinces

Off The Ball's premier rugby correspondent talks Connacht, Munster and Pro 12

Brian O'Driscoll believes Connacht's rise is a positive wake-up call to the other Irish provinces. 

Off The Ball's premier rugby correspondent joined us on tonight's show and praised what Connacht have brought this season.

"It's a wake-up call to the other three provinces that now automatic selection for Champions Cup isn't going to be guaranteed and maybe more of an emphasis will be put into the Pro 12. It needs as much focus as it can get," he said, while also discussing the issues facing Munster.

Brian also spoke about the aspects that have impressed him most about Connacht in recent weeks.

"I continue to be very impressed. I think largely not just because of the style they're playing, but to be able to put in a performance like that off the three previous weeks that they'd had - Leinster, Ulster and Grenoble, two of the results not going their way - and still to be able to churn it out at home, the way they did will be a shot of confidence to them," he said.

"Having said that, just looking at Glasgow over the last few weeks - granted they've had a few Italian teams - but to put Scarlets to the sword the way they did, you'd have to feel that they're probably, off the back of being current champions, they're maybe still favourites to go on and win it."