Brian O'Driscoll: Henshaw-McCloskey partnership deserving of another chance

Off The Ball's premier rugby correspondent gives his take on England match alongside Liam Toland

Robbie Henshaw, Stuart McCloskey

Ireland's Stuart McCloskey and Robbie Henshaw ©INPHO/James Crombie

Brian O'Driscoll feels the Robbie Henshaw-Stuart McCloskey centre partnership deserves another run-out in the Six Nations to see how it develops.

Off The Ball's premier rugby correspondent, who was also joined by Liam Toland to analyse the England defeat on tonight's show, gave his take on an area of the team he knows inside-out. 

"I think the two boys in the centre have definitely done enough to start again against Scotland and look at them as a combination," he said, before first touching on McCloskey's abilities.

"You'd like to think against Italy, he'd get more ball and have more of an opportunity to impress in that regard. Judging on his 65 minutes or however long he was on for, I think he's certainly deserving of another chance.

Brian also explained why Ireland "need more game-breaking players in our team", while he also feels the injured Luke Fitzgerald is a good example of the creative type of player.

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