Sean O'Brien's story of the day Brian O'Driscoll stuck up for him against a team-mate

BOD, Luke Fitzgerald and O'Brien share the stage on Off The Ball at RDS

Sean O'Brien, Brian O'Driscoll

Sean O'Brien speaks with Brian O'Driscoll ©INPHO/James Crombie

There was plenty of laughs at the RDS tonight as Brian O'Driscoll, Luke Fitzgerald and Sean O'Brien shared the stage together on Off The Ball.

And one of the stories which the trio of former team-mates shared came from O'Brien's first training session for Leinster as Brian stood up for him against an angry older team-mate. 

"It was one of my first senior training sessions," O'Brien recalled, "Obviously being young and very, very keen - probably overly keen the first day - I was trying to make an impression and some of the senior lads didn't take very kindly to me being involved in every breakdown. But it was Eric Miller who came in and gave me an awful shoeing on the back and I just looked around and Brian had him, I think throwing a dig at him, if not you were definitely choking him, and it was a nice feeling to have, knowing that the best player we had at the time was sticking up for a young lad he didn't really know much about."

Brian for his part remembered the moment and said at the time, he felt it was "necessarily prudent that I should have a word with Eric" to laughs from the crowd at the RDS.




Amid injury-hit spells during his career, Fitzgerald also discussed how he moves on from the "mourning phase" after physical setbacks, and how he has built a close friendship with Ireland team-mate Keith Earls over their years playing together at youth and senior international level.

You can listen to the full chat between the trio on the podcast player.