"Can you curse on this programme?" - Joe Brolly talks Jim McGuinness' column and defensive football

The pundit also has his own solution to encourage attacking football

BY Raf Diallo 20:47 Tuesday 12 July 2016, 20:47 12 Jul 2016

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As you might have seen earlier, Joe Brolly had his own social media reaction to Jim McGuinness' latest Irish Times column without any words at all.

In short, ex-Donegal boss McGuinness had his say on the issue of defensive football as well as suggesting a proposed solution to try and open up Gaelic football to more attacking intent.

Brolly clearly found the piece to be rather ironic and he joined Off The Ball to expand on his earlier tweet.

"It's a bit like the inventor of myxomatosis lamenting the fact that rabbits are dying. Jim's obviously someone who's keen on his legacy and all of that and it doesn't take a genius to work out what's happened to the game and once teams started to try and mimic Donegal's style, then it was obvious what was going to happen," said Brolly.

"I mean I have to say that I did enjoy the column. But I did think it was breath-taking itself in its audacity." 



And instead of McGuinness solution on having at least three players in the attacking zone at all times for teams in a match, Brolly shared his own idea of how to prevent overly defensive football.

"I'm not sure the three up solution will work. I know I've been peddling this for a couple of years but my solution has always been the kickout solution - only the four midfielders between the 45s for the kickout and the ball isn't live until it's touched between the 45s. If the goalie doesn't kick it as far as the 45, then it's a 30 metre free-in in front of goals," he said. 

Plus he shared a expletive-sprinkled example of fans' frustration at the prevailing conservative style of football.  

"I said to the Derry chairman two weeks ago - we were at a function - I said, 'Are you going to stand over this? You're responsible to us, the people of Derry, the guys who aren't allowed to play club football to watch this s***, so this can be purveyed - nine, 10, 12, 13 men behind the ball, conceding 100% of the kickouts. Are you going to stand over this?'" Brolly continued.

"And the crowd shouting - can you curse on this programme? - 'Kick the f***ing thing!' You can hear the people screaming all around us: 'Jesus! Would you kick the f-' and boys refusing, turning and hand-passing back and kicking it laterally'. You just hear everybody becoming enraged."

Ex-Mayo and Armagh star Billy Joe Padden, who was co-presenting the show tonight and ex-Mayo footballer Liam McHale also gave their take on the issue.

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