Gazza, soap and a chicken pen - Chris Waddle recalls Paul Gascoigne's amazing throwing arm

Former England and Marseille player chats to Off The Ball at Vicar Street

BY Raf Diallo 20:20 Wednesday 7 June 2017, 20:20 7 Jun 2017

Tottenham Hotspurs teammates Chris Waddle and Paul Gascoigne (r) in action against Millwall at The Den. The North Londoners beat Millwall 5-0. PA/PA Archive/PA Images

From the stories dating back to Paul Gascoigne's time in the England squad, he was clearly the joker in the pack and at the heart of much of the light hearted mischief that was taking place. 

Chris Waddle shared one at Off The Ball's Vicar Street Roadshow about his former Tottenham and England team-mate involving a bar of soap, Gazza's quarter back accuracy and a chicken coop.

"He used to just sit at the window with a tray of eggs. I'd be watching the telly and all I'd see was his arm going like that," said Waddle of his memories of Gazza throwing eggs out of hotel windows, before moving onto the soap projectile.

"He had a right arm on him. He was good at throwing things Gazza. We went to Albania once and we're bored - not a lot to do. So we're in this hotel, which was their best hotel and it had one of these windy phone things.

"So we got to the room and there is no phone in the room or TV. Nothing! So we sit on the beds and Gazza lies on his bed for five minutes.

File photo dated 14-11-1988 of England team manager Bobby Robson, flanked by players Paul Gascoigne (left) and Chris Waddle at Heathrow Airport before the team's Concorde flight to Riyadh for an international against Saudi Arabia. PA/PA Wire/PA Images

"All of a sudden, he goes to the bathroom and then comes out. We had these big windows. So he opened these massive windows and you remember those little bars of square soap you used to get? He came out with one.

"He went 'look out the window'. It looked miles away but there was this chicken pen and honestly it looked miles away.

"He said: 'I can throw this soap into that chicken [pen]'. I said, 'No you can't, that's two miles away that'.  

"But he said, 'I can throw it, I'm tellin' ya. I can throw this bar of soap into them chickens'. So I'm looking at this bar of soap and him. So he goes out into the corridor, opens the room door so he can get a good run at it. He comes running through and it goes 'Whooooosshhh'. This soap goes - and I'm at the window - and I'm actually thinking, 'Jesus, that's going to reach the chicken pen'. It reaches the chicken pen. It lands in the chicken pen and all the chickens attack it. So I went 'That's amazing.' So I said 'You know what? Throw my bar of soap as well' And he did it again."

Others arrived to witness Gazza's handiwork and Waddle encouraged them all to go and get a bar of soap each for Gazza to throw.

"So we're making all this noise and guess who comes along and pops his head in. It's Sir Bobby [Robson]. 'What's going on in here?' I'm thinking 'Not again'. I went, 'Gaffer, you're not going to believe this'. And he said, 'What's [Gazza] done?' I said, 'Come to the window, gaffer and see that chicken pen over there? Can you go and get a bar of soap?'"

Waddle also discussed his many musical escapades including 'Diamond Lights' with Glenn Hoddle and 'We've Got A Feeling' with ex-Marseille team-mate Basile Boli.

He also discussed the origins of his famous mullet haircut and the reaction from his team-mates when they first saw it.

You can listen to the full interview on the podcast player:


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