The fascinating story behind the infamous Clough-Revie interview

It took place in 1974 as the two rivals faced off shortly after Clough was sacked as Leeds United manager

BY Raf Diallo 22:00 Wednesday 13 September 2017, 22:00 13 Sep 2017

It's the type of TV moment that we'll probably never experience again. But in any era, it would make for compelling viewing.

When legendary former Derby County and Nottingham Forest manager Brian Clough was sacked by Leeds United 43 years ago this week after just 44 days in charge, the charismatic coach went onto Yorkshire TV alongside his Leeds predecessor, Don Revie - with whom he had a tense relationship to say the least - together creating one of the great double interviews of all time as both men questioned each other and spoke openly about their views of themselves and the man sitting across from them.

New Leeds United Manager Brian Clough cuts a lonely figure at the training ground on his first day at the club. On the same day the trainer Les Cocker (not pictured) announced he was leaving the club to join former Leeds United boss Don Revie in the England management role. PA/PA Archive/PA Images

Tonight, Joe and Kevin were joined by Roger Hermiston, author of Clough & Revie: The Rivals Who Changed the Face of English Football to share an insight into their relationship and the many things they had in common.

"Despite being completely polar opposite characters, they both came from Middlesbrough. They were, what I describe as, a long goal kick away from each other, Clough on the west side of Middlesbrough, Revie on the east," he said.

On the Clough-Revie interview, Hermiston explained how it came out about.

"If today a producer of a programme managed to get Jose Mourinho and Arsene Wenger into the same studio in just two hours negotiations - because that's what it took by the producer of the Calendar programme on Yorkshire TV to get Clough and Revie together - it's a sensational journalistic scoop," he said, adding that the presenter Austin Mitchell was not a sports journalist or massively interested in football, rather being a news journalist and was "guided through the interview" by his producer via an earpiece.

"The producer insisted that the two men, Clough and Revie, should be put side by side, not separated by an interviewer i.e. Mitchell, so that they would have to confront each other and look at each other and engage each other." 

Full interview is on the Football Show podcast 



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