Daithi Regan lashes out at Davy Fitz's "stupid" actions against Tipp

Jamesie O'Connor also had his say about Wexford manager's behaviour on the sideline... and when he encroached

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Wexford Manager Davy Fitzgerald and Aidan Nolan clash with Jason Forde of Tipperary ©INPHO/Ryan Byrne

Former Offaly All Ireland winner Daithi Regan feels Davy Fitzgerald let Wexford down with his actions in the Allianz Hurling League semi final against Tipperary.

The Wexford manager could face a  potentially hefty ban after entering the field of play and was then involved in a confrontation with opposition players in heated scenes.

"I think he's let Wexford down to be honest with you," said Regan on Off The Ball.

"It's back to typical Davy to be honest. There's so much right and he brings such a buzz about Wexford."

Feeling that it's all the more disappointing after the good progress Davy had made with Wexford, Regan continued: "A lot of it comes down to basic manners and respect. And to run out onto the pitch like that and get involved, to be honest with you when I saw it, was that the first Tipperary player should have left him on his arse because if you're a manager and you go out like that, that's what you deserve. This is serious stuff." 

He added that it was "imbecilic, childish carry-on that was self-indulgent".

"The[Wexford] players were playing to the letter of the law and playing very well. It was stupid and it serves nothing towards what Wexford want to do," said Regan.

Meanwhile, former Clare hurler Jamesie O'Connor feels a hefty punishment awaits Davy.

"He crossed the line but literally and figuratively and I think he probably deep down realises he went a step too far and it got out of hand," said Jamesie on the incident.

"I can't see them brushing this one under the carpet and I think they're going to come down heavily on him now.

"I'd feel very disappointed for Wexford and the Wexford players if they go with the severe sanction and it affects their Championship preparations. How you police that is another story."