"Chris Eubank Sr tears up when he's talking about Michael Watson because it's something that's still very real"

Dog Rounds author chats to Off The Ball about boxing extremes and impact on the fighters

BY Raf Diallo 20:59 Thursday 13 July 2017, 20:59 13 Jul 2017

Chris Eubank. Steven Paston/PA Wire/PA Images

A new book by Elliot Worsell lifts the lid on the life and death nature of boxing.

Titled Dog Rounds: Death and Life In The Ring and delves into the extremes and brutal dangers that the sport plays host to within the boundaries of the ring and which the boxers inflict on each other.

"I've always been conflicted as far as my passion for boxing. It's my favourite sport, it's something I enjoy watching as a spectator on the safe side of the rope but at the same time, I'm aware that the reasons I enjoy it are also the reasons that make it such a dangerous sport. I enjoy the Fight of the Year contenders," Worsell explains as he joined Off The Ball on Thursday night.

In the book, Worsell spoke to Chris Eubank Sr about his feelings in regards to the fight against Michael Watson in 1991, which left the latter with severe injuries.

"He can explain boxing in a way that many of his peers can't," he says of Eubank, adding, "He has seen boxing at its most extreme. He's won world titles, he's had those highs but he's also seen boxing at its lowest point and I'm not just talking about losing a fight. I'm talking about something beyond that."

Worsell says the "pain" is evident in Eubank when he talks and thinks about Watson.

"He will tear up when he's talking about Michael Watson because it's something that's still very real 25-26 years later," he said. 

Eubank's son was involved in a fight against Nick Blackwell in 2016 which led to the latter being placed in an induced coma, followed by eventual retirement.

Worsell discussed how both father and son have dealt with their respective incidents and sport in their own ways.

"Chris Eubank Sr even admits that his son is different to him. They have different character traits and different approaches to the sport and different attitudes and he said he doesn't worry about Chris Eubank Jr's future as far as him losing any kind of ruthless streak you need to compete as a boxer. He says he's different to me," he said, adding that Eubank Sr was never quite the same as a fighter after the Watson bout, whereas Eubank Jr has continued to progress as a fighter.

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