Has the transfer flow towards Dublin GAA clubs got out of control?

Off The Ball's Colm Parkinson, ex-Dublin star Tomas Quinn and Fermanagh's Tomas Corrigan share views

BY Raf Diallo 21:08 Thursday 14 January 2016, 21:08 14 Jan 2016

Colm 'Wooly' Parkinson ©INPHO/Ryan Byrne

On Monday night's show, Off The Ball's Colm Parkinson broached the issue of player transfers to Dublin GAA clubs.

The debate centred around whether that flow is fair in the context of the Leinster and All-Ireland club championship and if it should be restricted, with Colm - who experienced a transfer from home club Portlaise to Dublin's Parnells between 2009 and 2010 - saying on Monday that: "How is there no restrictions on how many transfers a club can have?"

Tonight, Colm and Ger were joined Fermangh footballer Tomas Corrigan who has joined Oliver Plunketts/Eoghan Ruadh as he lives and works in Dublin at present, and former Dublin forward Tomas 'Mossy' Quinn to debate the issue.

Corrigan explained the reasons behind his own club move, saying that after leaving college, the "travel took its toll" in terms of being able to be able to play with his home club all the way back in Fermanagh, whereas employers do make compromises when it comes to inter-county commitments.

"In an ideal world, I'd love to be able to still be able to play with the club in Fermanagh but it's just not feasible at the minute," he said.

Fermanagh's Tomas Corrigan in action against Dublin last August ©INPHO/Cathal Noonan

Given the way the economy means more jobs are found in the capital and major urban centres for third level graduates, Corrigan says expects there will be "more and more transfers in the next years" and does agree that means "Dublin clubs have an unfair advantage" in that sense.

Colm and Tomas later debated the wider issue of transfers, particularly towards Dublin clubs.

As Colm says, many cases of transfers are genuine and clear-cut but also explained that: "The GAA is all about community and you're supposed to play with a team in your local area. That's No 1. Like if I'm in Laois, I couldn't play with Emo for example. But in Dublin, if you're moving in, anything goes," he said, before giving some examples.

"I think that players 100% have to prove they're living in the local area, they have to be committed to the club, they have to be working in the local area and then the transfer should be done. I think at the moment now, it's too easy. There's no control over these transfers and there seem to be more and more every year." 

Tomas for his part, feels that Corrigan's example represents at least "95%" of cases, given that many often have to move far from their home counties for work reasons.


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