Could Conor McGregor "sell himself a little better?"

Ewan MacKenna and Kieran Cunningham chat to Off The Ball about the sporting stories of the year

Could Conor McGregor "sell himself a little better?"

Conor McGregor ©INPHO/Cathal Noonan

To mark a year of acute highs and lows in Irish sport during 2015, Joe was joined on Off The Ball tonight by sports writers Ewan MacKenna and The Irish Daily Star's Kieran Cunningham to look back on the sporting year.

One area up for debate was the Conor McGregor phenomenon which started from humble beginnings all the way to this year's achievement of becoming UFC's featherweight champion after defeating Jose Aldo in this month's title fight.

Ewan had an interesting take on the perception of McGregor's persona as experienced via the general media landscape.

"The media have to take a certain responsibility because a lot of media questions have been rather than look for the interesting angle, it's the cheap sell and that's been done a lot. And because UFC is so nascent and new, there's never been a media around it, so anyone who followed it seemed to suddenly become a journalist on it. There's a lot of fanboys at these press conferences who go along with that," he said.

"I just think McGregor should be better than what he is. He has so much going for him, he has a great story, from a tough background and I just think he could sell himself a little better but he just keeps letting himself down."  

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