Will one loss change everything for Conor McGregor?

Chris Fields and Jeremy Botter discuss the future for UFC's featherweight champion with Off The Ball

Conor McGregor, UFC 196

Conor McGregor dejected after losing his fight to Nate Diaz ©INPHO/Raymond Spencer

In the 48 hours since his defeat at the hands of Nate Diaz at UFC 196, the debate has raged about Conor McGregor's standing within the sport.

But where does the loss really leave the Dubliner and is too much being made of one defeat?

Irish MMA fighter Chris Fields and Bleacher Report's Jeremy Botter joined Off The Ball tonight to sift through the rubble of the fallout from the Las Vegas fight.

Botter feels the reaction to McGregor's setback is lacking nuance and a "shade of grey".

"Yes, he did fight a Chad Mendes at short notice. But he still knocked out two of the toughest featherweights in the history of this sport. Him going in and losing doesn't mean that he was terrible. It means that he made some calculated mistakes on that night. He's still a great fighter," he said. 

Fields also said it was the first time he'd seen McGregor "wobble" in his fight career.

"I think that might be a factor now in what he does next. I think 145lb, 155lb he's highly competitive and he can trade with anyone there. I think 170lb might be a step too far but then again it's Conor, so Conor will do what he wants and what he thinks is right," said Fields, adding that McGregor has proven people wrong before and that "one loss shouldn't change everything".

Botter feels the next logical big fight for McGregor now is a Jose Aldo rematch or Frankie Edgar at featherweight level, where he remains champion.

As for personality, the bravado that has been there all along in his UFC career, but Fields does not expect much change in that regard, adding that he was proud of the Dubliner's reaction to defeat in his post-fight comments and behaviour.