"He swaps the jersey at half-time and plays like a dodo" - John Giles takes Eden Hazard actions to task

John talks Chelsea with Off The Ball

Eden Hazard, Chelsea

Picture by: Mike Egerton / EMPICS Sport

John Giles says Chelsea will have to get rid of Eden Hazard if they intend to reshape their squad into one capable of returning to former glories.

Hazard angered Blues fans - and Roy Keane - after swapping shirts at half-time in the 2-1 Champions League loss to PSG last night. 

And John was equally critical of those actions when he spoke to Off The Ball tonight as he pondered whether they can be title challengers again without significant alterations. 

"There would have to be big changes there. They're going to lose Terry I think, which is a huge loss to them," he said.

"But when we saw the controversy last night with Hazard with the swapping jerseys at half-time, he must know what he's doing and then he goes off injured and it didn't look like much of an injury. And the Chelsea fans picked up on it as if he's ready to go to Paris Saint-Germain."

John added: "They have to go. You have to get rid of a player".

"He swaps the jersey at half-time and you know the passion from the supporters and there's been talk of him going to Paris Saint-Germain. He swaps the jersey at half-time and plays like a dodo. It's okay swapping the jersey at half-time and then you have a great second half," he said.

John also spoke about his sense that Liverpool are making some progress under Jurgen Klopp, playing well at their best but lacking consistency, while he believes the manager will require "two transfer windows" to build a team in his true image.