John Giles believes England should look to one of their Icelandic conquerors as next manager

John has been really impressed with what Heimir Hallgrímsson and Lars Lagerback have achieved

Lars Lagerback, Heimir Hallgrímsson, Iceland,

Iceland joint-coaches Heimir Hallgrimsson, left, and Lars Lagerback speak to the media at their European Championship tournament base in Annecy, French Alps, Wednesday June 29, 2016. Iceland has become the darling of the European Championship thanks to its underdog status and an uncompromising 4-4-2 formation that has made the team unbeatable so far in France. (AP Photo/Ciaran Fahey)

John Giles believes England's hierarchy should consider appointing Iceland's management duo as their next manager.

Iceland knocked an embarrassed England out of Euro 2016 at the Round of 16 stage with ex-Sweden boss Lars Lagerback continuing a record of never having been beaten by the Three Lions.

Just like his some of his time in charge of Sweden, Lagerback has been part of a management duo for Iceland. The Swede jointly manages Iceland with Heimir Hallgrímsson.

"They're talking about managers in England and who's going to be the next manager. I don't know who was responsible for Iceland - if it's the older guy or the younger guy or a combination of both. I would appoint them as manager of the England team," said John on Off The Ball, adding that he believes Lagerback formulated the game-plan.

"Whoever was responsible for Iceland, knows their stuff and if I was England, looking for a manager, I would go and find out which was which, whether it was the two of them or one of them because if they can organise a team like Iceland with very limited resources, imagine what they could do with England." 

Roy Hodgson resigned as England manager immediately after the defeat - followed by a bizarre press conference the following day - and John felt chopping and changing the attacking portion of his team throughout the tournament had a negative effect.

"The more you play, the more you should learn. That's what makes a team. Now, if you go to Hodgson. You go to the first match, it's a different team, the second match is a different team. Those teams hadn't played together. So you're starting from scratch. I think if you're doing it for three years, you should have had a good idea what's going to happen," said John.

He also believes bad management has been a key reasons for England's failings under a string of different coaches, rather than just structural issues in English football.

"[It's] bad management. We see it every week there's talent - probably not as much talent in the Premier League as people would imagine - but they should have plenty of talent to beat Iceland, who are very good to be honest. I saw them play in the previous two matches and they were never going to be beaten easily. But England were a shambles. But they should've had enough talent to beat them. But they were totally disorganised. What was good about Iceland: totally organised."